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Review: Entromancy

Amidst the sea of D&D hacks washing about the RPG bookshelves, Entromancy stands out for a couple of reasons. The first is it’s setting, which is obviously inspired by Shadowrun’s mashed-up take on fantasy and cyberpunk, but it isn’t until you crack the book open that you find its most interesting quality – brevity.

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Reckless Heroics: My Love for Magic the Gathering’s Goblins

“The Boros banner stands tall even if its bearer doesn’t.” Those words make up the flavour text on the Magic the Gathering card ‘Goblin Banneret’, and they’re a small but vital part of explaining how a bunch of trading cards completely reshaped the way I think about an iconic RPG monster. Importantly, I don’t really think of them as monsters.

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Wendy’s Feast of Legends: Great Advert, Baffling RPG

If you had told me that one day I’d be sitting at my desk, trying to write a serious article about a tabletop RPG produced by a fast-food chain I would have wondered what weird alternate dimension you’d crawled out of, and probably smacked you with a shovel. And yet here we are, taking a look at Feast of Legends, a D&D-Lite RPG about fighting the evil forces of frozen beef using war-skillets.

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