Spell Overload with Deep Magic

If you’ve ever pawed through the back of the Player’s Handbook you’ll know that D&D 5E isn’t exactly lacking for spells, but do you ever wish you just had a few more options? Well, that’s exactly what Kobold Press is hoping to achieve with it’s Deep Magic sourcebook.

The company, which publishes a pretty well-respected slice of supplements for D&D and Pathfinder, has just started a kickstarter for the book and is currently promising a rather spectacular 575 spells to add to your game. On top of this buyers can expect “dozens” of new subclasses, schools and colleges for their magically inclined characters.

If you’re interested in taking a crack at the magic yourself, Kobold Press says that backers may submit a spell design themselves that – if chosen by their team – could be refined for publication in Deep Magic.

At first glance there’s a lot to like about this project. The names behind it are solid, Kobold Press is a reliable publisher and their content is usually balanced enough that you can probably wheedle it into your game without blowing things up too badly (looking at you, D&D Wiki you tangled mess of broken builds).

The only real issue is – as with many third party supplements – finding a table that will let you include it in an actual game. Of course, this isn’t too much of a problem if you have a regular party that are laid back about this, or if you’re the DM yourself.

The Kickstarter runs until 30 October. Check it out here.

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