Free League Launches Community Content Program

Swedish RPG publisher Free League, known for games including Tales From the Loop and Mutant: Year Zero, has launched its own community content program through DriveThruRPG, allowing fans to create and sell their own supplements for their games.

The Free League Workshop program follows in the wake of the several similar projects, including Dungeons & Dragons’ DM’s Guild. Creators will receive half of the proceeds from their work, which can range from adventures though to rules supplements.

“Using this program we hope to bring the sparkling creativity of fans all around the world together, making our games and worlds even better,” said the company in a press release.

The RPGs currently open for community content are:

  • Tales from the Loop
  • Mutant: Year Zero
  • Coriolis
  • Forbidden Lands
  • Symbaroum.

You can take a look at the Free League Workshop page, which includes resources and templates for creators, here.

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