Homeland Joins Modiphius’ Licensed RPG Line-Up

Modiphius has announced plans to grow its solid stable of adaptations and licenses with Homeworld: Revelations, a tabletop take on the classic sci-fi strategy videogame.

The original Homeworld came out for the PC just over 20 years ago, with the fifth game in the series – rather confusingly known as Homeworld 3 – slated for a 2022 release. The games have each followed the story of the Kushan people, who have spent most of their time fleeing through space after having their home planet obliterated by the Taiidan Empire.

Much of the action in Homeworld takes the form of ship-to-ship combat. However, we can probably expect that the RPG is going to take a more intimate approach to the drama, with players “taking on the role of the crew aboard one of the Kushan fleet’s ships” according to an announcement.

Beyond that the details are a little sketchy, though the developers have promised a whole heap of new lore and locations set within the existing fiction – an effort supported by Martin Citulis, one of the original writers on Homeworld.

Though tabletop takes on videogame licenses have a rather mixed reputation, this won’t the first sci-fi adaptation to hit Modiphius’ catalogue. The company already produces the successful Star Trek Adventures, which has already shows that that can put together an entirely solid set of rules for ship-to-ship combat and hand-waved future-tech – both things likely to come in handy in a Homeworld adaptation.

You can read up on Modiphius’ plans for the game here.

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