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Chaosium Dives into Rivers of London RPG

Call of Cthulhu publishers Chaosium have announced they’re developing a tabletop RPG adaption of Rivers of London,Ben Aaranovitch’s series of paranormal police procedural novels. The announcement came, rather appropriately, at the Dragonmeet convention in London, UK. Though details are still fairly light on the ground it’s been confirmed that the game will use the Basic Roleplaying system found in many

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Review: Entromancy

Amidst the sea of D&D hacks washing about the RPG bookshelves, Entromancy stands out for a couple of reasons. The first is it’s setting, which is obviously inspired by Shadowrun’s mashed-up take on fantasy and cyberpunk, but it isn’t until you crack the book open that you find its most interesting quality – brevity.

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