Get your Hooves on Ponyfinder with Bundle of Holding

If you’ve ever thought that your casual My Little Pony game needed to come with more feats and prestige classes, you might want to take a look at the Ponyfinder deal now available through Bundle of Holding.

As the name suggests, Ponyfinder is an equestrian re-skin of Pathfinder, though the rules have since been updated to work with Dungeons & Dragons 5E. It mostly riffs on the wildly popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series that also spawned the rules-lite Tails of Equestria – not to mention a huge online following.

The Bundle of Holding offer will set you back US$12.95 for five books, including the complete 188-page Ponyfinder Campaign Setting core rulebook, the Everglow Bestiary, and three introductory scenarios that are “especially suited for younger players: Ghost of the Pirate QueenThe Lonely Pony, and The Sweetest Secret.”

If you want even more there are higher tiers to choose from, offering even more books along the way.

You can get hold of the Ponyfinder bundle here. It runs until August 6 2018.

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