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Reckless Heroics: My Love for Magic the Gathering’s Goblins

“The Boros banner stands tall even if its bearer doesn’t.” Those words make up the flavour text on the Magic the Gathering card ‘Goblin Banneret’, and they’re a small but vital part of explaining how a bunch of trading cards completely reshaped the way I think about an iconic RPG monster. Importantly, I don’t really think of them as monsters.

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Review: Overlight

Splashes of vivid colour and whirling imagination run through the heart of Overlight, adding countless twists and turns to the standard fantasy RPG set-up. For all its artistic flair, however, the game itself sometimes struggles to find substance amidst the generous heapings of style. The quirky side of Overlight begins with its setting, a dreamlike world built from seven floating continents stacked up

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